KEMSA Billing society BALLOT 2018 - Nominees

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Candidates (in order of position and alphabetical order by last name)

Chair Nominee

Nancy Ratzlaff

I would like to continue as the President/Chair of the KEMSA Society of Billing Professionals as I believe that my over 25 years of experience in EMS, first as an EMT-I and subsequently as Billing Director for LifeSave Transport, gives me a unique perspective when it comes to ambulance billing. I am the founder of the KS Ambulance Providers (KAP) Group, I have served as the ambulance consultant for Blue Cross Blue Shield of KS since 2012, the Kansas ambulance representative for the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Provider Outreach Advisory Group (POE-AG) since 2006 as well as its sister organization, the Provider Education Training (PET) Group from its inception in 2010 until it ended in 2015. In my role as the President of the KEMSA Society of Billing professionals since its inception in 2013, I have worked to bring education and information to my fellow billing professionals throughout the State of KS. I strongly believe that patient care should not stop when we drop the patient off at the hospital, but should in fact continue all the way through the billing process. It is my goal through the KEMSA Billing Society and the opportunities I believe it can provide, to ensure that all EMS billing professionals in KS have access to educational and networking opportunities to benefit not only the EMS Services but the patients as well.

Secretary Nominee

Shelia King

I am Shelia King, Business Manager at Sedgwick County EMS, where I have been employed since November, 2005.  At Sedgwick County EMS, I am involved in and oversee others in the pre-billing & post billing compliance review process.  This requires interaction on a regular basis with hospitals, local facilities and crewmembers to obtain the necessary documentation required for accurate billing.

Early in my time at EMS I learned about KS Ambulance Providers (KAP) and have attended multiple meetings and training opportunities that organization provided.   My involvement with KAP led to the KEMSA billing society membership in which I have served as Vice President and as Secretary over the last 5 years.  

With the information I’ve learned through these organizations and the experience gained through my current position, I’ve been able to assist in incorporating billing processes & requirements into our new hire orientation process as well as helping develop training programs designed to increase knowledge & understanding of billing in the EMS community.  

It is my experience and belief that ambulance billing can be a challenging, ever changing process.  It is my hope to continue to assist in providing educational opportunities to others in our industry.  I enjoy being a part of the KEMSA Billing Society and hope to continue to ensure we provide quality information and speakers on topics that help make our every day jobs a little easier.

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