2019 KEMSA Conference & Expo - Pre-Con Workshops

Dates: August 8-11, 2019
    Pre-Conference: August 8  |  Regular Full Conference: August 9-11
Location: Kansas Star Event Center, Mulvane, KS


Thursday, August 8 will be our pre-conference sessions before the full conference kicks off on Friday, August 9.  Pre-Conference sessions ARE NOT included with a full regular conference registration. There is an additional fee associated with these sessions and spaces are limited. You must register by July 26 for these sessions (unless they fill up first).

Due to recent changes in the CE regulations, we have had to adjust some of our pre-con session times in order to still give you 8 hours of credit and allow for breaks. See times in the descriptions. Times and prices vary. See details below.

1) 0800-1700 NAEMT All Hazards Disaster Response Presented by Jeri Smith
Cost: $75 members / $100 non-members

The All Hazards Disaster Response (AHDR) course teaches students how to respond to the many types of disaster scenarios they may encounter, including natural disasters and infrastructure failings, fires and radiological events, pandemics, active shooter incidents, and other mass casualty events. AHDR educates participants on how to analyze potential threats in their area, assess available resources, and create a response plan that will save lives.

Content is presented in the context of realistic scenarios, culminating with a large-scale mass casualty activity. AHDR is appropriate for all levels of EMS practitioners. This course is offered in the classroom and provides 8 hours of CAPCE credit and NREMT recognition.

2) 0800-1700 Advanced Stroke Life Support (ASLS)
Cost: $75 members / $100 non-members

About the course: 8-hour didactic and simulation-based learning on the recognition and management of the acute stroke patient. Includes the MEND exam, an easy to learn and use assessment tool that enhances communication between healthcare providers. The ASLS curriculum is utilized by EMS providers and hospitals across the United States and other countries.

About the CEUs: 8-hrs of CE credited will be awarded for successful completion of the full course. A post-test score of 72% is required for satisfactory course completion. The CEs are provided by the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education; GCRME is an CECBEMS approved provider of continuing education for EMTS & paramedics.

3) 0800-1730 Educators Workshop with Dan Limmer and Dan Batsie
- Approved as an Educator’s Workshop
This workshop includes lunch and an Educator’s Society meeting over the lunch hour.
Cost: $75 members / $100 non-members

Flipped Classroom 2.0: How to Make the “Flip” Stick - Discuss practical and implementable strategies ranging from classroom psychology to educator and student buy-in to the process. We’ve moved past the buzzword stage. It is now time to make the “flip” stick.
Building an EMS Provider from the Ground Up: The Role of EMS Educators in Creating Excellence - This class will discuss the common opinions and insights on what makes up excellent EMS practice. We will discuss not only how to create excellent clinical skills, but also the value of developing decision making, teamwork and leadership capabilities. Specific focus will be paid to assessing the affective domain and fostering student self-awareness and humility.
How Not to Be Wrong When Everything Is on the Line: Critical Thinking and Decision Making in EMS - This scenario-based segment for educators will discuss the limitations of cognition when faced with situational challenges, provide ways to prepare students for their worst day and share specific practices to improve decision making and enhance mental performance under stress.
The 7 Cardinal Rules of Item Writing - This presentation covers 7 important rules of item writing that can be easily implemented to make your exams relevant, challenging and valid.

4) 0800-1730 BLS Skills Workshop  - Presented by HutchCC
Cost: $50 members / $75 non-members
~ARV - Vent/Oxy, BLS/ALS Airway 2.0, TRAUMA - Hem Ctrl, Soft Tissue/musculoskeletal, shock management 2.0, MED - Pharm/Med Admin, Resp Emergencies 4.0

This hands-on session will cover current practices and provide BLS skills with a focus on scenario-based activities that will concentrate on the areas of Airway (Escalating Airway Protocol), Bleeding Control, BLS medications and their proper application, and Respiratory emergency management. We have added more spots to this class in 2019, but still register early to make sure you get a spot!

5) 0800-1215 National Safety Council Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) - 4 hours - AM Session
Cost: $25 members / $50 non-members
~OPS - Vehicle Ops 4.0

Ambulance drivers will learn to arrive safely, examine traffic patterns while under stress, analyze driver reaction to sirens and remain current with local/state driving and vehicle regulations. (Taking this class could get you a discount on your auto insurance.)

6) 1315-1730 Peer Support Workshop - 4 hours - PM Session
Cost: $25 members / $50 non-members
~LOCAL 4.0

Speaker: Jennifer Prohaska, Ph.D.

Peer Support is a means for a department to show support to their employees, offering them opportunities to care for themselves and their families. Peer Support helps those, who without it, might turn to substances, illegal activity, poor performance, seeking a different career, mental health issues and even suicide.

This four hour session is going to focus on trauma exposure, resiliency, and organizational response in EMS. Come learn about the psychological impacts of repeated traumatic exposures over the course of a career. Become aware of the subtle signs of psychological distress and the unique presentation of PTSD in first responders.

This brief course will also provide a review of factors that impact resiliency and the impact of traumatic stress on the family and close relationships. Also included will be a discussion of the best practices for addressing distressed employees, preventative mechanisms for building resiliency, and the ideal organizational response to trauma and chronic stress exposures.

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