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The service chronicles listed below were published in the Summer 2018 issue of the KEMSA Chronicle magazine. If you would like to submit news from your service for publication in the magazine and on this website, view information about submitting your news here.


Butler County EMS

Butler County EMS would like to welcome the following new employees: Paramedics Nathan Sturchio, Amber Estrada, and Clay Crisswell; AEMTs Steve Plantz and Allen VanSteenburg; and EMTs Cambrianne Bruce, Mary Conrady, Arielle Steinle, and Ethan Herrick.

At the end of January, BCEMS took delivery of its third ambulance with their redesigned interior. This ambulance is a medium-height Ford Transit gas. This unit makes 42% of their ambulance fleet designed so crew members can remained seat-belted in while caring for a patient.

In March, Butler County EMS added Zoll AEV ventilators on each of its front line ambulances to allow crews to provide mechanical ventilation, CPAP, or BiPAP while caring for patients. All crew members were trained on the new devices and some have already used them.

BCEMS would like to congratulate Director Chad Pore on being named an EMS 10: Innovators in EMS by JEMS and Physio Control. Director Pore received the award at the annual JEMS Conference in Charlotte, NC in February. The award was given for the new ambulance design Pore spearheaded at BCEMS. The new design allows crew members to remain seated and belted in throughout transport while still caring for the patient. BCEMS was the first agency in the United States to build a low-top sprinter, which was the inspiration for the new design. Director Pore is one of only 100 people who have received this award throughout the world and is the first one in Kansas.

Clearwater Emergency Services

Clearwater Emergency Services is pleased to announce the awarding of a KRAF Grant for a Lucas Device. This device will provide continuous mechanical CPR while allowing other responders to attend to various other duties. In the rural setting, this device can supplement at least two other individuals on the call. Clearwater is excited to have this state-of-the-art device to assist the citizens of Clearwater in their time of greatest need. Clearwater will be placing the unit in service June 1, 2018 after completing comprehensive training and protocol adjustments to enhance patient care.

Clearwater Emergency Services would also like to congratulate Elizabeth Riddel-Kindle, Sonja Pace, Michael Cowherd, and FF Trent Zimmerman on their completion of EMT class.

Ellis County EMS

Ellis County EMS would like to welcome Jason Kennedy as its new Assistant EMS Director. Jason comes from the Salina Fire Department where he was a paramedic/firefighter for the last 11 years. During the last five years, he has served as the acting medical officer for Salina Fire.

Halstead Fire/EMS

Halstead Fire/EMS recently placed into service two new Zoll X-Series cardiac monitors with integrated AEDs, 12 lead, end tidal monitoring, pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring, cardioversion, and pacing capability along with mobile wifi cards for transmitting 12 leads to the hospital ahead of patient arrival.

Jan. 1, 2018, Halstead Fire/EMS became the EMS provider for the City of Sedgwick and surrounding areas inside Harvey County. With the additional city and rural areas increasing call volume, staffing has changed with additional full-time staff. Paramedics include: Justin Best, A Shift; Robert Piland, B Shift; and Charles (Rick) Womack, C shift. A command officer promoted from captain is Division Chief Doug Hoffman. A third out EMS unit was sent to Osage Ambulances for refit and painting and is in service.

On April 30, Halstead Fire/EMS trained and placed a ROSC-U mechanical CPR device in service. This was received with partial grant funds from the Kansas Board of EMS. Training was provided by Kim Francis, Resuscitation International and Tim Zeller, BoundTree Medical.


In February, MED-ACT welcomed 12 new paramedics to their department, including: Alex Hiesberger, Nicholas Burdge, Jacklyn Gulley, Jay Duncan, Amelia Deselle, Christopher Clayton, Arturio Bermudez, Ryan Ingle-Pena, Brett Davis, Matthew Hughes, John Burgat, and Nathan Stavig.

In March, they celebrated the promotions of Battalion Chief Jeff Boss; Captains Jon Batenhorst, Frank Barden, Alexis Haynes, and Virgel Swanson; and Lieutenant Stephen Koehler. Captains Batenhorst, Barden, and Swanson came out of the field to join the education and training division under the supervision of Adiel Garcia, Division Chief of Education & Integrated Healthcare, where they will continue their hard work and dedication to helping their fellow medics with training opportunities throughout the year.

April brought the arrival of three brand new Braun ambulance units, bringing them home to Kansas from Van Wert, Ohio and promptly readying them for deployment to better serve the Johnson County area. The new units feature new interior safety designs, as well as a new exterior design updating the look of the ambulance while still upholding the MED-ACT traditions in color scheme.

Miltonvale EMS

Miltonvale EMS has been awarded a grant from the Dane G. Hanson Foundation for $30,000 to purchase a new Zoll X series monitor/defibrillator for enhanced treatment of patients in the pre-hospital setting. They encourage you to look for local grants in your community as they can be a great benefit to EMS.

Newton Fire/EMS

March 8, 2018, the Newton Fire/EMS Department held its 3rd Annual Recognition Awards Ceremony to recognize exceptional performance by department members and community partners.

Several awards were presented to members who had performed outstanding acts of service. The Lifesaver Award was presented to team members involved in the treatment of cardiac arrest patients who were discharged from the hospital neurologically intact.

The Preceptor Award recognized all current members who had served as paramedic preceptors to paramedic students who were either department members, or paramedic students hosted from outside the department.

Garrett McEachern was presented with the department badge and helmet shield to recognize his successful completion of the department’s Rookie Training Academy, and his integration as a department member.

Active members of all department committees and specialty team members were recognized for their contributions to the department’s success and their investment in the department’s constant pursuit of excellence.

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