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The service chronicles listed below were published in the Spring 2018 issue of the KEMSA Chronicle magazine. If you would like to submit news from your service for publication in the magazine and on this website, view information about submitting your news here.

Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson Community College would like to welcome Dalene Deck, instructor and Jane Thronson, administrative specialist to its full-time staff. Pictured below from left to right: Matt Hogan, instructor; Lesta Stonecipher, instructional program assistant; Darrel Grubbs, instructor; Ashley Keen, logistics technician; Dalene Deck, instructor; Jon Friesen, instructor; Jane Thronson, administrative specialist; Cliff Moore, program coordinator; Dan Jones, instructor; Tina Peevyhouse, lab assistant coordinator; Mark Smith, instructor; and James LeBaron, continuing education coordinator.

Junction City Fire Department

At the 2018 Employee Appreciation Dinner for the City of Junction City, the Junction City Fire Department recognized its personnel for outstanding service to the community. Three teams received awards for providing the highest EMS care possible, as a team, in response to incidents and providing the highest care. The three incidents recognized had an incident of a patient having no pulse and the care provided resulted in a successful outcome upon delivery to the emergency room.

In August 2017, JCFD responded to a reported fall. The crews found a patient face down in the middle of the street. Bystanders stated the patient was walking across the street and collapsed. JCFD crews assessed the patient and began CPR and medical protocols to treat the patient. During transport, the patient was reassessed and showed Sinus Rhythm. Members of the team at this incident included: Chris Schroeder, AEMT; Caleb Johnson, EMT; Kyle Bergman, AEMT; Chris Booth, AEMT; Joshua Allen, AEMT; and Paul Rabek, AEMT.

In September, JCFD was dispatched to an unresponsive individual in the bathroom. The crew found the patient unresponsive and no pulse. The patient was moved downstairs immediately by a “Fireman’s Carry” to the stretcher and CPR was initiated. JCFD crews assessed the patient and began CPR and medical protocols to treat the patient. During reassessment of the patient, a normal Sinus Rhythm was indicated. Members of the team at this incident included: Nicholas Blecha, Paramedic; Bradley White, Paramedic; David Mortimer, AEMT; Arturo Perez, AEMT; Vernon Johnson, EMT; and Zachary Mikulicz, EMT.

In December, JCFD responded for a person down. Enroute to the call, the dispatcher relayed the caller could no longer see the patient breathing. Upon arrival, the patient was pulseless and unresponsive. The patient was moved to the floor, and JCFD crews assessed the patient and began CPR and medical protocols to treat the patient. The medical monitor indicated Ventricular Tacacardia; a shock was needed and delivered. CPR continued by the crew and upon reassessment the medical monitor indicated a second shock was needed and delivered. After a third assessment of the patient, a pulse was indicated. Members of the crew at this incident included: Sean Carr, Paramedic; Billy Thomas, Paramedic; Cecil Thrush, AEMT; Travis Berges, AEMT; Donald Stremming, AEMT; and Jarrett Hanson, EMT.

The City of Junction City and the Junction City Fire Department are proud to have these professionals serving their community.


LifeTeam will be hosting Flight School in partnership with Garden City Community College June 14-16, 2018. The three-day academy held on the GCCC campus and taught by LifeTeam’s award-winning Education Department allows selected students a peek into the world of aero-medicine through a combination of lecture and hands-on scenarios. In addition to flight time in a rotor wing aircraft, attendees will also learn valuable critical care skills that they can take back to their communities.

Applicants for Flight School must be an active paramedic or registered nurse and have at least three years of critical care experience. LifeTeam will select a limited number of students to participate in the academy from applications submitted by April 27, 2018. For an amazing value, selected participants will receive room and board, a Flight School t-shirt, flight time, training, handouts, and 20+ EMS/Nursing CE hours. Anyone interested in applying to Flight School may contact LifeTeam at 316.932.1440.


Dec. 6, MED-ACT celebrated the promotion of Captain Anthony Sellen, Lt. Nikki Allen, Lt. Laura Cowden, Lt. Sarah Grass, Lt. Mike Hubbard, Lt. Abigail Kenney, Lt. Lane Pivonka, Lt. Jim Rathman, and Lt. Rocklan Waggoner. Along with the Captain and Lieutenant promotions, the department celebrated the recent promotions of Battalion Chief Bollella and Battalion Chief Beerman-Foat, mentioned in previous articles.

MED-ACT would like to congratulate Captain Christopher Winger on his appointment to the Kansas City Metro Tactical Officers Association Board of Directors. Captain Winger is the first non-sworn officer to serve on the KCMTOA Board of directors. This designation is a tribute to the excellence and dedication that Captain Winger shows in all of his ventures, specifically in organizing, developing, and teaching the TEMS and K-Care courses for KCMTOA. Captain Winger has served with MED-ACT for 13 years, with 12 of those years on the Tactical Medic team.

Reno County EMS

Reno County EMS Training Officers Jeramie Schmidt, Steve French, and Jessica Stussy have been busy these past months with the orientation of several new members, preparing this year’s training schedule, and becoming certified in Advanced Stroke Life Support. The Advanced Stroke Life Support course will eventually be taught to the entire department and will improve stroke recognition as well appropriate facility and treatment decisions. Additionally, the training officers and service will be working with Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, Hutchinson Fire Department, and the community to kick off the Stop the Bleed campaign.

RCEMS would like to welcome some new additions to the service: Warren A Schmitt, EMT; Cheyenne Giersch, EMT; Caitlyn Calloway, EMT; Heather Conkle, EMT; Olivia Wallace, EMT; and Darren Ebling, AEMT. Also, RCEMS extends a warm welcome to their new EMS Data Analyst/Billing Clerk Kari Menefee, who hit the ground running and is learning as she goes.

Riley County EMS

The past few months have been a time of significant and exciting change at Riley County EMS, most notable being that in November the county of Riley assumed full management of the EMS department from Via Christi Hospital Manhattan. Being managed by the county has allowed them to introduce a variety of administrative and operational improvements to include access to the KP&F Pension Plan, the flexibility to implement a more standardized training and protocol development process, as well as salary increases that position them as one of the most competitively compensated non-fire department-based EMS services in the state of Kansas. The transition to county management was a lengthy and involved process, which required significant time, energy, and support from the community; however, they are settling in to their new identity and are thankful for the many opportunities that will surely come along with this new direction.

In December, Riley County EMS ordered a Type I Horton Remount from Professional Ambulance Sales and Services that will showcase a more modernized paint scheme and logo. In January, they purchased a Zoll EMV+ Ventilator, which will allow them to better manage patients with decreased respiratory function during lengthier transports. They are also looking forward to participating in a Community Care Team being organized by the Flint Hills Healthcare Coalition with the goal of identifying, having dialogue with, and providing unique and innovative service lines to the more vulnerable members of the community.

Finally, RCEMS would like to welcome Paramedic Kenny Compton and Assistant Director Josh Gering to the department as well as congratulate Paramedic Kaylee Proctor on her new assignment as Coordinator for their SafeKids Program.

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