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KEMSA Chronicle - Service chronicles

The service chronicles listed below were published in the Spring 2023 issue of the KEMSA Chronicle magazine. If you would like to submit news from your service for publication in the magazine and on this website, view information about submitting your news here.


Butler County EMS

Early in 2021, Butler County EMS established a Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) based on the nationally recognized program from the National EMS Management Association. As they scaled this program to fit their service size and needs, they discussed the gap between new hire team members and independent field providers. It was clear that many skills needed to succeed could not be simulated in the classroom. To address this gap, BCEMS provides an intensive two-week classroom academy that culminates in an FTX or Field Training Exercise to simulate a “Day on Shift.” Team members are tested on the skills and knowledge they have acquired over the last 14 days by being placed in high-stress situations with some difficult decision-making challenges designed to take them out of their comfort zones. In the training arena, BCEMS uses the term “Stress-Inoculation” or a high-fidelity training intended to help prepare the team members in advance to successfully navigate the stressful situations they will encounter in the EMS field.

The FTX is a full-day of highly realistic 911 call scenarios. They are allowed to fail and learn from those mistakes prior to starting their first 24 hour shift on the ambulance.

BCEMS has seen great success with this training and in January completed the biggest FTX to date totaling five new team members.

Kingman EMS

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation has recently awarded a $29,900 grant to Kingman EMS to purchase new battery-operated AMKUS extrication tools, which includes a cutter, spreader, and accessories. The new equipment will allow first responders to be better prepared in emergency situations and protect the citizens and those traveling through Kingman County.

“On behalf of Kingman EMS and its members, I want to thank Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation and our local Firehouse Subs in Hutchinson, Kan.,” said EMS Director Zach Bieghler. “We are so grateful to be awarded the necessary resources to continue to keep the community and visitors of Kingman County safe and protected.”

The awarded grant will be used to purchase AMKUS battery-operated extrication tools mostly used in vehicle accidents, to add speed, efficiency, and reliability to vehicle extrication operations. The new tools are replacing 20-year-old tools, which are now obsolete.

For the past 16 years, donations have been the driving force behind Firehouse Subs Public Safety FoundationĀ® supporting first responders and public safety organizations nationwide. This grant is part of more than $73 million given by Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation to public safety organizations across the U.S. To learn more about Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation or donate directly, visit

Sedgwick County EMS

This past quarter, Sedgwick County EMS successfully completed Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) re-accreditation.  On January 12, SCEMS recognized employees who have promoted within the service over the past six months.  Those include: Chief Kevin Lanterman; Deputy Chief Angela Hamilton; Division Chief Operations Shannon Reed; Training Officer Joseph Spangler; Majors Tracy Swihart, Ryan Kilby, Luke Razlaff, Hiedi Bloyer, TC Bodwell, Brad Crow, Erica Morgan, Chad Maugans; Captains Jessica Scott, Brooke McDowell, Cole Christman, Rachael Johnson, Amber Brown; Lieutenants Veronica Blank, Benjamin Oelze, Jennifer Erskin, Christopher Boivin, Daniel Alderson, Sarah McCluer; and Paramedics Joseph Benchama, Julie Hackney, Kathryn Vickers, Madison Montee, Chad Horton, and Kieran Dillon.  We congratulate everyone on this career milestone. 

Washington EMS

City of Washington EMS is proud to announce one of their EMTs, Paris Yungeberg, recently graduated from Garden City Community College’s paramedic program and completed all his testing requirements!  He is currently employed as a paramedic full-time for Republic County EMS, and volunteers part-time for City of Washington EMS.  Paris lives in Washington, with his new wife Sarah, and fur baby, Dexter.  Paris was one of the 2021 KEMSA Round 2 scholarship recipients, and we are glad to have him!

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