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KEMSA has been working closely with national, state, and local partners to navigate guidance and resources for the COVID-19 response. Below are resources, documents, and links that may be useful to your agency. Please remember things change quickly and all treatment guidelines and/or protocols would need to be approved at your local level.  We will continue to add resources here instead of sending out emails for every resource added.

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HSS Reporting Requirements

HSS Notice - Re: Additional details for providers that received one or more payments from the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) totaling at least $10,000 (9/19/20)

COVID Reporting


SERVICE DIRECTORS - Please:  Take 3-5 minutes each Monday to complete this tool.

Each day over the past several months, I have been involved in multiple state and federal meetings regarding COVID and COVID response.  What I quickly learned is that when it comes to reporting information on PPE availability, personnel shortages, and workforce impacts, there is no shortage of national level information regarding nursing, long-term care facilities, and hospitals, but next to nothing on assessments of and impacts to EMS. 

NHTSA’s Office of EMS and the NEMSIS-TAC saw the same concerns and found a way to change that in a similar fashion to how these other entities are reporting their information (providing an apples-to-apples comparison) and have it specific to EMS.

I am happy to present to you their creation: the EMS COVID RESOURCE REPORTING TOOL.  And although it does have COVID in the title, we fully expect this to become utilized during the impending influenza season as well.

By filling out the report, you are helping us provide a current and accurate assessment of Kansas EMS on PPE availability and “stress” (personnel shortages and EMS workforce impacts - numbers, no names) your agency may be experiencing.  This will be shared with KDEM during this response and will allow us to focus state level resources into areas of need.  Completing this will also help bring EMS officially to the federal table and identify local resource status and needs to help focus federal assistance and federal assistance programs – this is a huge step forward for EMS nationally.

I know that you may be reporting similar information to your local county emergency manager each week or two for their reporting/request process and some of you are reporting similar data to HHS TeleTrack.  This is not meant to replace that.  The only difference here is that this will be solely EMS related and is a direct link to us, as the State, and to Federal officials.  NEMSIS-TAC has done their best in placing logic into their tool to streamline data entry and limit the time involved. 

We would anticipate this tool growing slightly down the road to assess for needle and syringe capacity when a vaccination becomes available.

Please review the two documents below and please strongly consider taking that short time each Monday to complete the tool available through the NEMSIS website.  I would love to see 100% participation on next week’s report.  We will be pushing this tool out to the Emergency Medical Response Agencies as well and feel free to forward this to those agencies within your area as well. 

Let’s put Kansas at the lead on this!  Let me know if you have any questions.  

Jospeh House

Executive Director, Kansas Board of EMS

    CMS & COVID-19



    Helping Our Own

    This is a stressful time for first responders. If you know of someone who needs help or would like more information about helping your own, please reach out to KEMSA's peer support society for resources.

    KEMSA Peer Support Society
    Representing anyone with an interest in peer support and/or helping our own.  The Peer Support Society was created in 2018.  The society was created to: provide support to first responders throughout Kansas mentally, emotionally and physically; provide support to Peer support teams throughout Kansas; provide mental health education and resources to Kansas providers; represent the mental health concerns and interests of providers at the local, regional, and state level; and to support the mission of the Kansas EMS Association.  
    President - Chrissy Bartel - (316) 772-0494

    Mental Health Resources:

    Advocacy - Kansas

    Advocacy - National

    CARES Act Grant/Stimulus Updates

    News Updates

    From EMS Services:

    The documents below can include, but aren't limited to: COVID -19 specific protocols, policies, COOP plans, and more that might be helpful to others.  If you would like to share your items, please send them to Mary Napier.

    *Disclaimer: Each agency must verify the practices listed comply with current recommendations from KDHE.  Remember things are changing rapidly.  

    Consulting resource for services or health departments:
    Paige Dodson, MD, MPH, FAAFP -
    KEMSA Chief Medical Officer

    Reno County EMS Documents (3/27/20)

    Butler County EMS Documents

    • Tracking of COVID-19 All Data (4/3/20) - See instructions in the excel worksheets.
    • Pandemic Incident Plan (3/7/20)
    • Dispatch SOP - a tool for 9-1-1 call centers to use to identify and track the current outbreak that was accepted by the National Academy as an example protocol, and we have permission to share this protocol with others.  Note: the SOP is in flux. (3/7/20)

    Sedgwick County EMS Documents

    • COVID-19 Manual (updated regularly, so this might not be the latest version)

    Other Resources

    Midwest Medical in Wichita and Scott City are available for assistance with transports.

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