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Candidates (in alphabetical order by last name)

Zachary Bieghler

Director, Kingman EMS

Zach Bieghler started his EMS career in 2002 by gaining his EMT education through Hutchinson Community College (HCC). Zach later completed the HCC paramedic program in 2005. Zach has since worked for Hutchinson Community College, Sedgwick County EMS Reserves, McPherson EMS, Rice County EMS, and Kingman EMS.

Zach also has an extensive background in EMS Education. Starting as a lab assistant with HCC in the fall of 2002, he continued to progress his expertise in EMS education over the years. In 2008, Zach obtained his Instructor/Coordinator certification from Barton County Community College. Zach still teaches continuing education and various initial education courses with Kingman EMS. Zach obtained his Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration in 2016.

Zach is currently the service director for Kingman EMS, where he has held that position since 2012. In 2015, Zach was awarded the KEMSA Administrator of the Year award for his work with Kingman EMS. Zach has also been active on KEMSA over the past three years serving as the Chair for the Educator’s Society, which serves as the society’s representative to the KEMSA Board.

Zach is seeking a position with the KEMSA board to remain active and involved with KEMSA, which he feels is important for the progression of Kansas EMS. Zach is seeking a board position opposed to his current position as Educator’s Society Chair, so he can continue to learn of the organization and possibly advance into KEMSA leadership in the future.

J. Paul Davis

Chief – EMS Director, Johnson County MED-ACT

My name is Paul Davis. I joined Johnson County Med-Act as the Chief/EMS Director in January 2017.  Prior to coming to Johnson County, Kansas I served as the Chief/EMS Director at Adams County Ambulance & EMS in Quincy, IL; a position I held for nearly eleven years.

During my term I served the Illinois State Ambulance Association (ISAA) as secretary and conference planning committee member.  I also participated in the legislative process by attending lobby-day events, meeting with state legislators and testifying at legislative hearings.  Additionally, I worked to recruit new members to our association and worked to establish and maintain positive relationships with vendors and sponsors. 

In addition to my ISAA role, I also served as a member of the Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 governing board and the Quincy Municipal Credit Union board of directors. 

I believe my past work with boards and committees and skills development related to legislative endeavors will allow me to serve in a capacity that is beneficial to KEMSA.  I remain an ardent supporter of those men and women who work hard, as EMRs, EMTs and paramedics to meet the needs of our communities.  My philosophy has been and remains that, we will strive to build and ambulance service and EMS organization that we want taking care of our own friends and family. 

Dalene Deck

Major – Clinical Division, Sedgwick County EMS

I started in EMS in 1979 as a volunteer in Herington.  Working as a volunteer, I developed a strong foundation of compassion and dedication.  I gained my Paramedic certification in 1983, and worked for a BLS service in Kansas City for several months.  In 1984 I began working for Medevac in Topeka until accepting a position with Sedgwick County EMS in 1985.  I have served with Sedgwick County EMS for the past 32 years, currently working as a Major in the Clinical Division.  

I feel strongly about the importance of being involved past my employment and giving back to the EMS community.   

  • I have been a member of KEMSA since 2000, serving as treasurer for the past several years.  Prior to being elected treasurer, I was a member of the conference planning committee, and continue to serve on that committee.
  • I am a member of the Region 3 EMS Council and serve as Vice-Chair.
  • I am a founding member of the Ks MERGe team, currently serving as the Duty Officer Team Leader. 
  • I am a member of the Education Development Task Force (EDTF). 

I am passionate about EMS, and I love Kansas EMS and the people who make it what it is!  It’s been an exciting ride over the past several years as I’ve worked to strengthen KEMSA and make things better for all services, providers, and patients.  We can and will continue to grow stronger as a professional organization.  If re-elected, my promise is to continue the hard work and dedication to make KEMSA an even better organization.  I appreciate you taking the time to cast your votes for KEMSA leadership.

Steven French

Paramedic, Reno County EMS

I started EMS in 1994 as a EMT for the Buhler Volunteer EMS.  In 1995, I obtained my EMT I and became Director of the Buhler Service.  Serving in that capacity for five years.  In 1998, I obtained my Paramedic certification and started working for Sedgwick County EMS.  Advancing to the position of Lieutenant and retiring after 12 years of KP&F service with Sedgwick Co. and 18 years of KP&F service with the Hutchinson Police Dept. I have currently been employed with Reno County EMS for 9 years.

Over my years of service I have been involved in both volunteer services and paid services.  This past two months I have updated the MERGE data base for the State of Kansas and have spoke with many of the Service Directors.  Listening to them, I have found that a lot feel that they do not have a voice or their voice is not heard.  I would like to be part of the process of making their voices heard and I believe as a member of the KEMSA Board of Directors I would have the opportunity to do that.

Kerry McCue

Director, Ellis County EMS

Kerry McCue is currently the Director of Ellis County EMS in Hays, Kansas.  He has been involved in Kansas EMS for the last 38 years.  That involvement has included working as a volunteer in rural Kansas, a paramedic in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Northwest Kansas (Region I) EMS Council Chairman, Member of the Kansas Board of EMS’s Planning and Coordination Committee, Chairman of the Kansas Board of EMS’s Service Director’s Program Development Committee, Member of the Founders Committee of the Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association (KEMSA). President of the KEMSA, Chairman of the KEMSA’s Administrator Society, membership on the Kansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield Provider Communication Advisory Committee, Membership/Fiscal Agent for the Northwest Kansas Regional Homeland Security Council and appointment to the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Trauma, the Statewide Interoperable Communications Executive Committee and the 911 Coordinating Council. 

Kerry received his EMT training at Colby Community College in 1976 and his paramedic training at the Kansas University Medical Center in 1979.  He also holds a Bachelors Degree in Health Care Administration from the University of Kansas and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  His professional honors include KEMSA’s “Presidential Leadership Award” in 2008, the Kansas Emergency Medical Technicians Association’s “Outstanding Service Director Award” in March 1996 and the Kansas Emergency Medical Technicians Association’s “Norman E. McSwain Award of Excellence” in April 1992.

Marvin VanBlaricon

Director, Clay County EMS

I am interested in retaining my position with the Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association as a board member.  I am currently a member of KEMSA and have been an active member of KEMSA for more than 15 years.

I currently am the EMS Director for Clay County EMS since 2011.  I retired from the Salina Fire Department as the EMS Director after 30 years of service.  I have Thirty-nine (39) years in EMS and twenty-six (26) years as a registered nurse, and 35-years (35) as a certified EMS Instructor/Coordinator for all levels of attendant certifications.  I am currently active with Region IV EMS Council where I have served as President and currently serving as Secretary-Treasurer.  In 1988 I was selected to serve on the newly formed Kansas Board of EMS as the Fire Service Representative and served as Vice-Chair and Chairperson.  I have served on the State Advisory Council on Trauma and on the North Central Kansas Regional Trauma Council.  I currently am a member of the Kansas Major Emergency Response Group (MERGe) and currently service on the North Central Regional Homeland Security Council.  I hold numerous instructor certifications to include CPR, ACLS, and EPC. 

I feel that my involvement in local, state, and national EMS has both beneficial to my patient care and personal life as well has been beneficial to Kansas EMS.  I am very proud of my involvement with the Executive Board on the KEMSA Revenue Maximization Initiative project and I feel that with KEMSA having a strong voice both at the state and national level it has elevated Kansas EMS in what it is today.  I feel that I can continue to provide a strong presence and leadership to KEMSA and Kansas EMS.


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Please note: If you download the pdf, the KEMSA member who is voting must submit their own ballot via the submission options above for the vote to be valid.

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