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Candidates (in alphabetical order by last name)

David Adams, Riley County EMS (incumbent)

While being a member of KEMSA for approximately 14 years and a Paramedic since 1991, I was elected to a one-year term to the Board of Directors in August 2014.  After my initial 1-year term was completed, I was elected to a full three-year term.  In 2019, the KEMSA Board elected me KEMSA Vice President.  Prior to being voted onto the Board of Directors, I had been active in both the Educator’s and the Administrator’s Societies.  While a member of the BOD, I have participated in all the meetings and have taken a very active role in the Administrator’s Society, regularly planning and hosting a fall Administrator’s Workshop in Manhattan and serving as the President for the past 3 years. I enjoy learning more about KEMSA’s involvement in EMS and how I can help in progressing EMS forward, not only at the Federal level but also within Kansas, within Region 5 and Riley County EMS.  It is my hope to be re-elected to a second full three-year term on the KEMSA Board of Directors and continue to play an active role in the Administrator’s Society.

I feel that I am a productive member of the Board of Directors as I have been very active in the societies and have a strong interest in Kansas EMS.  If re-elected, I will stay very active in the legislative processes as I am only 60 miles from Topeka. A voice for Kansas EMS that can be in Topeka relatively quickly when needed can only help us grow! I am the Vice Chair of Region 5 and a Duty Officer of the MERGe team for over 8 years. Over time, I have become more interested in serving others in a caregiver and leadership role as I feel it is time to step up and contribute to the voice of EMS.  I believe that I still have a feel for what it is like on the streets as a caregiver as well as an administrator during these exciting and changing times. 

Kathy Coleman, Miltonvale EMS (incumbent)

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to Kansas in April 1995. I worked full-time in Salina and started college at Brown Mackie. I earned my degree in General Business. I started my current career at Twin Valley Telephone in March of 1999 and am still employed there as a Marketing Specialist. My current job functions include creating all types of marketing material for different media including print, website development, television and social media. I also plan and coordinate events and tradeshows. Twin Valley is supportive of my volunteer efforts and allow me to be on call during business hours.

I started my journey in EMS in April 2011 when I became EMT certified. I have been volunteering for Miltonvale EMS service since I started and became the EMS Director starting in January 2014. I am also TO for our service and facilitate the majority of the training for our crew. All my training, workshops and meetings for EMS I have to utilize my own vacation time from Twin Valley. I strongly believe that what I learn will benefit my crew to always improve patient care.

I would like to renew my KEMSA board position. I hope that my contributions as a Volunteer Director adds value to the KEMSA organization and for other volunteer services. I have held the Treasurer position for the past two terms and would like to continue with KEMSA to grow my knowledge and participation in the Legislative Committee.

J. Paul Davis, Johnson County MED-ACT (incumbment)

I joined Johnson County MED-ACT as the Director/Chief of EMS in January 2017. Before coming to Johnson County, Kansas, I served as the Director/Chief of EMS at Adams County Ambulance & EMS in Quincy, Illinois; a position I held for eleven years. 

I have served KEMSA as a member of the Board of Directors since 2018 and have participated in the legislative, scholarship, and nominations committees and the Administrators Society. I am an ardent advocate of EMS and ambulance service at levels across the state. While in Illinois, I served the Illinois State Ambulance Association (ISAA) as Secretary, Conference Planning Committee Member and Legislative Committee Member. 

My current and past work with state boards and committees allows me to serve in a capacity that is beneficial to KEMSA, its members and EMS professionals around the state. I am a strong supporter of the women and men who work hard as EMRs, EMTs and Paramedics to meet the needs of our communities. My philosophy has been and remains that, we strive to build an ambulance service and EMS organization that we want taking care of our own friends and family. 

Karl Leech, Minneapolis Ambulance Service

I am currently the EMS Director for the Minneapolis Ambulance Service. I started my EMS career in 1994 and served as a volunteer until 2015, when I accepted a full-time position. By the end of 2015, I accepted the position of Assistant EMS Director and then as Director in 2017.  I received my AEMT Certification in 2019.

In April of this year, I was voted into the position of Vice President for Region 4. With the resignation of the President a month later, I was voted in as President of Region 4 in June. 

From the time I was put into an Assistant Director position with the service, I've made sure that we have a KEMSA Squad Membership each year. I promote KEMSA whenever I can and have attended many of the summer conferences as well as other events sponsored by KEMSA. Due to all the knowledge and support I have received from KEMSA, I would like to return the favor by serving on the KEMSA Board of Directors. I hope to be a voice for small and rural services, as well as serve Kansas EMS as a whole. 

Joshua Rogers, Salina Fire Department

I began my career as a volunteer EMT in 2006 and as an EMT-P in 2008. I have worked for several departments and for the last nine years have been employed by the Salina Fire Department.  I am passionate about patient care and advocating for a better future in EMS. With the current changes occurring in EMS across the state and country, I feel like something has to be done for the future of our industry. KEMSA is the voice of EMS in Kansas and as the voice of EMS, I believe that an active campaign for the future of EMS is our responsibility. Volunteer services struggle to find coverage and career departments are losing good employees to other industries.

I have been helping teach entry level EMTs and Firefighters at Hutchinson Community College since 2013. Helping to bring more active members into EMS, but retention also has to be part of the plan for a better future. I also teach technical rescue around the state to experienced members with a focus on doing what matters "taking care of Mrs. Smith".  

I will be a good advocate for improved recruitment and retention while improving the treatment of patients across the state. 

Kent Vosburg, Junction City Fire Department (incumbent)

I started out as an EMT in 1996, with receiving my paramedic in 2000.  I have had the pleasure to work for small volunteer services to larger paid services.  Through the course of my career, I have worked Hospital Based, Third Service, and currently Fire based EMS.  I am active in Region V EMS.  I currently serve as the EMS/Training Chief for the Junction City Fire Department. 

I serve as a Disaster Medical Specialist for both Kansas 1, and Task Force 2 Search and Rescue.  I am a Paramedic I/C, and still maintain my National Registry.  I am a BLS, ACLS, and PALS Instructor for ASHI, as well as a PHTLS Instructor through NAEMT.

I feel that I would represent Kansas EMS well as I currently serve as the Fire Service Representative on the Board of EMS.  I have worked for a variety of types, and sizes of services here in Kansas.  I have had the opportunity to hear many sides to a topic, as I have friends all over the State working in EMS.  This gives me the ability to see how something will affect a wide variety of technicians and services. I feel the important step is pushing to advance EMS, and as I am currently a Board Member, I feel we as an organization are listening to the voices and sending that message onward.

Frank Williams, Butler County EMS (incumbent)

I have served the Kansas EMS community for 30 + years. I started my prehospital career at Butler County EMS as an EMT and progressed through the ranks to Lieutenant/Paramedic. I have been an active member of the Butler County Rescue Squad, in my hometown of El Dorado, since 1988. I am currently the Chief of this all volunteer team. I obtained my Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing in 1995. After gaining experience in Critical Care Nursing, I started my Flight Nurse/Flight Paramedic career in 1996 working for LifeWATCH, LifeStar of Topeka and LifeTeam/LifeSave as Program Director for 17 years. Currently, I serve my local EMS service as the Director and Chief of Butler County Rescue Squad.

Why I would like to continue serving as a KEMSA Board Member:

I have a passion for prehospital patient care. This passion has provided me the opportunity to work closely with urban, rural and frontier EMS providers from across the Midwest. I bring to the board that kindred spirit of teamwork and collaboration to help overcome the challenges facing our profession. I also recognize that EMS is one of many important elements in the healthcare system. In the leadership position of an EMS Service Director and Rescue Squad Chief, I understand that collaboration, in the multidisciplinary healthcare system of today, is essential to the future of Kansas EMS. Drawing from my education and experience at multiple levels of the hospital and prehospital profession, I feel I have represented the KEMSA membership by carrying the voice of those who have approached me with concerns and recommendations concerning EMS in Kansas. I have been an active participant in most of the planned events and meetings of the board. I would like to continue representing EMS in Kansas by focusing on the best interest of EMS providers, our collaborative healthcare partners and the patients we serve.

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